TLAXCALA تلاكسكالا Τλαξκάλα Тлакскала la red internacional de traductores por la diversidad lingüística le réseau international des traducteurs pour la diversité linguistique the international network of translators for linguistic diversity الشبكة العالمية للمترجمين من اجل التنويع اللغوي das internationale Übersetzernetzwerk für sprachliche Vielfalt a rede internacional de tradutores pela diversidade linguística la rete internazionale di traduttori per la diversità linguistica la xarxa internacional dels traductors per a la diversitat lingüística översättarnas internationella nätverk för språklig mångfald شبکه بین المللی مترجمین خواهان حفظ تنوع گویش το διεθνής δίκτυο των μεταφραστών για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία международная сеть переводчиков языкового разнообразия Aẓeḍḍa n yemsuqqlen i lmend n uṭṭuqqet n yilsawen dilsel çeşitlilik için uluslararası çevirmen ağı la internacia reto de tradukistoj por la lingva diverso

 23/09/2017 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
Original: English
Translations available: Español 
Facebook worker living in garage to Zuckerberg: challenges are right outside your door - Julia Carrie Wong
As the Facebook CEO travels across the US to ‘learn about people’s hopes and challenges’, the cafeteria workers at his company struggle to make ends meet Victor, 29, and Nicole, 26, pose with their children: Victor, four; Sherlin, ...

Original: English
A Global Movement to Confront Drone Warfare - Medea Benjamin
Excerpted from Welcome to the Revolution: Universalizing Resistance for Social Justice and Democracy in Perilous Times (Routledge, June 2017, paperback) The $600 billion annual cost of the US military budget eats up 54% of all federal discretionary ...

Original: English
‘We are all living in a graveyard of sorts’: Interview with Arundhati Roy - Ziya Us Salam
A WORLD wounded by aggression and inexplicable hatred could do with the welcome shade of Arundhati Roy’s works. Men and women, both in love and out of it, could do with the eloquence of her expression. As she says early on in the much-talked-about ...

Original: English
Translations available: Español 
They wanted to stop me from playing music, now they can hear me instead - Gilad Atzmon جيلاد أتزمون گيلاد آتزمون
On 8 July I was scheduled to play at The Vienna Jazz Festival with the Jordanian Palestinian oud virtuoso Kamal Musallam and the musical ambassador of Indonesia, Dwiki Dharmawan. Our band is called World Peace Trio and it is dedicated to spreading ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Antonio Gramsci and the battle against fascism - Chris Hedges
Talk given on June 2, 2017 at the Left Forum in New York City on Gramsci's Importance for the Left Today Antonio Gramsci wrote his “Prison Notebooks” at a time not dissimilar to our own. The political parties led by the liberal ...

Original: English
Is Pride Still for Queer People Like Me? - Krista Burton
“You going to the parade?” It was Pride weekend last year in Chicago, and my friend Jen and I were sitting on my front porch. I was trying to figure out where my people would be the next morning. Hungover and sleeping it off? At brunch? ...

Original: Português
Translations available: Español  English  Français 
Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, Aug. 2, 1925 – May 27, 2017 - informs its readers and friends of the death of its founder and publisher Miguel Urbano Rodrigues. Born in Moura, in the Alentejo region of Portugal in 1925, the son of a journalist father and writer, in the midst of a family of well-to-do ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português 
The Decline of the West Revisited - Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар
Europa, in Greek mythology, was a Phoenician princess abducted by Zeus and carried off to Crete. In time, Europe was meant to designate the western extreme of Eurasia. Europe, essentially, was the quite provincial Western seed that then sprouted ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Memory Loss in the Garden of Violence
How USAmericans Remember (and Forget) Their Wars
- John W. Dower
  [Note for TomDispatch Readers: I have a special offer for you today. John Dower has agreed to sign and personalize copies of his magnificent new Dispatch Book, The Violent American Century: War and Terror Since World War Two, for any TD ...

Original: English
Translations available: Deutsch  Français 
How Zionist terrorism determined Palestine’s fate
Book Review of State of Terror, by Thomas Suárez
- Rod Such
Israel’s propaganda playbook attempts to reframe the Palestinian liberation struggle as a question of terror, not territory. Thanks to a dutiful media, this effort to portray Palestinians as terrorists has had significant traction among some demographics. ...

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