TLAXCALA تلاكسكالا Τλαξκάλα Тлакскала la red internacional de traductores por la diversidad lingüística le réseau international des traducteurs pour la diversité linguistique the international network of translators for linguistic diversity الشبكة العالمية للمترجمين من اجل التنويع اللغوي das internationale Übersetzernetzwerk für sprachliche Vielfalt a rede internacional de tradutores pela diversidade linguística la rete internazionale di traduttori per la diversità linguistica la xarxa internacional dels traductors per a la diversitat lingüística översättarnas internationella nätverk för språklig mångfald شبکه بین المللی مترجمین خواهان حفظ تنوع گویش το διεθνής δίκτυο των μεταφραστών για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία международная сеть переводчиков языкового разнообразия Aẓeḍḍa n yemsuqqlen i lmend n uṭṭuqqet n yilsawen dilsel çeşitlilik için uluslararası çevirmen ağı la internacia reto de tradukistoj por la lingva diverso

 25/06/2017 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
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Times of change for French politics - Jacques Sapir Жак Сапир
The first round of the French Presidential election results are quite surprising. We have seen Mrs Le Pen and M. Macron for the second round of this election. But two other candidates, M. Fillon (for the centre-right) and M Mélenchon (for the ...

Original: English
Translations available: Italiano 
But M. Macron, the Euro has already failed
The only question is: What do we do about it?
- Tim Worstall
Emmanuel Macron is one of those running to be the next French President. And as he does so he really needs to get up to speed with his economics. For he claims that the euro could fail within the next 10 years unless something is done about it. This ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Iceland Is No Utopia - Joanna Smith
I first visited Iceland two years ago and came home smitten; banging on about this geothermal, liberal paradise. Watching the news with me was a nightmare. If there was a story about corruption in British politics I would chime in with: “In ...

Original: English
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Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump - Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар
What’s supposed to be the shock of the new is not exactly so. Here’s the body count in the latest geopolitical earthquake afflicting the West: The Socialist Party in France is dead. The traditional Right is comatose. What used to be ...

Original: English
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26 April 1937 : The tragedy of Guernica
80th Anniversary
- George Steer جورج ستير - Fausto Giudice Фаусто Джудиче فاوستو جيوديشي
Preface by Fausto Giudice It was Monday, market day.  There were many people in the streets of the small city of Guernica, which had a population of seven thousand inhabitants. At 4:30 p.m. the church bells started to ring, five minutes later the ...

Original: Français
Translations available: Español  English 
Exclusive Breaking News from France: Macron 1st govt., a true ministrone! - Basta!يكفي Journal de marche zapatiste يكفي ! جريدة المسيرة الزاباتية
The French government that will be constituted on Monday, May 15, 2017 and announced on Tuesday 16 will be a government of 15 ministers. Here is the exclusive list of the Macron I government, which will have to hold good until the legislative elections ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português 
Champs-Elysees attack in Paris: Perfect timing, for some - Ramin Mazaheri رامین مظاهری
On the night of April 21st I was in my office in Paris, just 100 meters from the Champs-Elysees, when I got a phone call from a fellow journalist telling me about the deadly attack on policemen there. I was in the middle of working on my latest report ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Big Stakes in the French Presidential Election: Governance Versus the People - Diana Johnstone
The 2017 French Presidential election is no joke.  It is shaping up as a highly significant encounter between two profoundly opposing conceptions of political life.  On one side, governance, meaning the joint management of society by a co-opted ...

Original: Deutsch
Translations available: English 
Integrative power of evil: About the so called People of color in the German AfD - Sami Omar
Do you know what an oxymoron is? I have not known it for a long time. It is a word whose two parts oppose to each other contentwise. Love-hate is such a word, exception rule too, and in my case: school education! ...

Original: English
Translations available: Svenska  Français  Deutsch 
Why Geert Wilders is taking over Dutch politics - Ian Buruma
His rising popularity reveals a paradox at the heart of Holland's liberalism That the US should have elected as president someone like Donald Trump came as a shock. But the US is a strange country, given to periodic outbursts of political madness ...

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