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Inside the Oxford English Dictionary: can the world’s biggest dictionary survive the internet?

Andrew Dickson

For centuries, lexicographers have attempted to capture the entire English language. Technology might soon turn this dream into reality – but will it spell the end for dictionaries? James Murray and his staff compiling the first edition of ...

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137 social leaders and activists murdered in Colombia this year: a localization map


This map, basing on data from INDEPAZ, says more than many speeches on the ongoing “peace process” in Colombia. We have localized in which departments the 137 murders recorded from 1st of January to 27th of November  where committed. ...

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Growth of World Mega Cities: A Map

Carl Sack

This map shows the growth of the world's 30 largest cities between 1970 and 2010. Use the buttons on the left to toggle proportional symbols showing the population of each city in the given year and the percent population change over the preceding ...

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A #NoDAPL Map - Carl Sack
When I decided to become a cartographer, I didn’t just want to make pretty and useful maps. ...

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The Trump Glossary: Nicknames, Brand Names, Hashtags, Insults and more - The HyperTexts
This page contains the best Donald Trump trivia that I have been able to find by scouring the Internet. ...

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Extinct languages: declaration of love to a Wikipedia page - Xavier de La Porte
The page "List of languages by time of extinction" is a sad wonder.   Landing ...

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There is no hijab emoji. This 15-year-old student is trying to change that - Abby Ohlheiser
When Rayouf Alhumedhi’s friends wanted to identify themselves to one another in a WhatsApp group ...

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Marjerine or marg-arine? How the BBC taught us to talk proper - Stephen Moss
A history of the BBC’s attempts to systematise the pronunciation of English does not, on the ...

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Inshallah Is Good for Everyone - Wajahat Ali وجاہت علی
A COLLEGE student was recently escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight after a fellow passenger said ...

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Speak white - Michèle Lalonde
Speak White is (was) a racist insult, borrowed from the slave masters in the US South, used by English-speaking ...

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