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Morocco: "Death over humiliation", a film about the Rif Movement

ATTAC Maroc اطاك المغرب

ATTAC Morocco, member of the CADTM Network, produced, in spring 2017, a documentary film of 24 minutes and 28 seconds on the social protest movement (Hirak) of the Rif. The documentary traces the heroic struggle process of the inhabitants of the Al Hoceima ...

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Concentration Camps in the U.S.:
Andrea Pitzer decries tent cities for detaining kids without trial

Democracy Now!

Has the Trump administration set up concentration camps in Texas for migrants? The answer is yes, according to at least one expert: Andrea Pitzer, the author of “One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps.” In one of her latest ...

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Stitching tradition and modernity: Haya Khalid, Palestinian fashion designer

Megan Jelinger

Haya Khalid currently designs and constructs clothing in a makeshift studio in her bedroom in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. But the 27-year-old aspires to see her fashion worn around the world. Haya grew up in Nur Shams camp near the city ...

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Tanneries in India - Helle Severinsen
Kampur is the hearth of the leather industry in India. Each day tanneries pump out about 300 million ...

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Rohingya Genocide: the forgotten women painted by Hannah Rose Thomas - Milena Rampoldi ميلينا رامبولدي میلنا رامپلدی Милена Рампольди
In the following a second interview with the artist Hannah Rose Thomas I already talked to about her ...

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What if Merkel took a truth serum? - Chaos Theory Studios
At the same time entertaining and overwhelming, this animation by Chaos Theory has an unlikely protagonist: ...

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Our Tenth Amphibious Battalion
Victory Day
- A' Studio А’Студио - Bulat Okudjava Булат Окуджава ბულატ ოკუჯავა (1924-1997) بولاط أوكوجاوا
The birds aren't singing here, The trees aren't growing And only we, shoulder to shoulder Are growing ...

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Ex-Pink Floyd singer denounces White Helmets as propaganda tool during Barcelona concert - RT
English singer Roger Waters, a member of Pink Floyd and now a solo performer, denounced the controversial ...

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MLK’s fight against racism, militarism & capitalism: historian Taylor Branch on King’s final years - Amy Goodman
It was 50 years ago today when Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. He was just ...

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Edna Chávez, from South Los Angeles: speech at #MarchForOurLives Washington Rally - TLAXCALA ΤΛΑΞΚΑΛΑ ТЛАКСКАЛА تلاكسكالا 特拉科斯卡拉
“I’ve learned to duck from bullets before I learned how to read”: Edna Chávez, ...

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