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 17/11/2018 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
Cradle of Mankind
This section has to do with the struggle for the liberation of the continent that was humanity's cradle. Yesterday a victim of European colonialism, today a victim of transnational colonialism. Its people, from Maghreb to Cape Town, continue to aspire to a better life.

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The CFA franc, a colonial vestige from France in Africa

Ana Fuentes

Since 1945, France has the last word on the currency used by 155 million people in 15 African countries.   Melania Trump wasn’t very inspired in her visit to Kenya in October when she crowned her explorer's outfit with a pith helmet. ...

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Reality of my three days in occupied Western Sahara
Our reputation and the fate of a people are at stake

Heidi Hautala

Heidi Hautala is a Finnish Green MEP, a vice president of the European Parliament, and was part of the delegation visiting Western Sahara in September Children in the Dakhla Refugee Camp in Western Sahara. The programme of the visit had been fully ...

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Algeria launches money laundering probe on back of Panama Papers

Will Fitzgibbon

The government of Algeria has launched a money-laundering investigation based on information revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Panama Papers investigation. The investigation, which involves the abuse of a government-run ...

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Madrid, November 2018: 43rd European Conference of solidarity and support for the Sahrawi people (EUCOCO)
- José Taboada - Antonio López Ortiz
The 43rd European Conference of Solidarity and Support for the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) will take place ...

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EU Court confirms: Western Sahara not part of EU-Morocco fish deal - Western Sahara Resource Watch
For a third consecutive time in less than three years, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ...

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EU-Morocco agreement including Sahrawi territories: Polisario Front firmly condemns, lodges appeal to CJEU - Frente POLISARIO جبهة البوليساريو
Bir Lahlou, July 16, 2018 (SPS) - The Polisario Front has firmly condemned on Monday the decision taken ...

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Neoliberal plague: AIDS and global capitalism - Jason Hickel
Another World AIDS Day is behind us, and the usual spatter of annual reports and politicians’ ...

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Time plight of Saharawis was brought to the fore - Shannon Ebrahim
As South Africans we can’t cherry pick our issues. If we care about the freedom and self-determination ...

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Mohamed Salah and the power to inspire dreams - Selim Mohie سَلِيم محى
In the year of Mohamed Salah’s rise to fame as one of the world’s best footballers, his ...

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Testimony on Western Sahara before the UN Conference on Decolonization, 2016 - Stephen Zunes
United Nations, June 23, 2016   My interest in the dispute over Western Sahara is based not ...

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