TLAXCALA تلاكسكالا Τλαξκάλα Тлакскала la red internacional de traductores por la diversidad lingüística le réseau international des traducteurs pour la diversité linguistique the international network of translators for linguistic diversity الشبكة العالمية للمترجمين من اجل التنويع اللغوي das internationale Übersetzernetzwerk für sprachliche Vielfalt a rede internacional de tradutores pela diversidade linguística la rete internazionale di traduttori per la diversità linguistica la xarxa internacional dels traductors per a la diversitat lingüística översättarnas internationella nätverk för språklig mångfald شبکه بین المللی مترجمین خواهان حفظ تنوع گویش το διεθνής δίκτυο των μεταφραστών για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία международная сеть переводчиков языкового разнообразия Aẓeḍḍa n yemsuqqlen i lmend n uṭṭuqqet n yilsawen dilsel çeşitlilik için uluslararası çevirmen ağı

 21/02/2019 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
15/02/2019  -  USA & CANADA
Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
Trump’s brilliant strategy to dismember U.S. dollar hegemony - Michael Hudson Михаел Хадсон
The end of America’s unchallenged global economic dominance has arrived sooner than expected, thanks to the very same Neocons who gave the world the Iraq, Syria and the dirty wars in Latin America. Just as the Vietnam War drove the United States ...

14/02/2019  -  UMMA
Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
Iran looks East amid US trials and tribulations - Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар
Banks in Tehran have developed a cryptocurrency to get around the US economic embargo, while allies work on ways to bypass the dollar On the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, this past Friday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei made an effort ...

14/02/2019  -  ABYA YALA
Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
How Canadian Global Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland organized Donald Trump’s coup in Venezuela - Eric Zuesse
On Monday, February 5th, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the 14 countries of the Lima Group — who had actually formed themselves under her direction into this new group on 8 August 2017 in order to overthrow ...

14/02/2019  -  UNIVERSAL ISSUES
Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
RIP INF Treaty: Russia’s Victory, America’s Waterloo - Dmitry Orlov Дмитрий Орлов
On March 1, 2018 the world learned of Russia’s new weapons systems, said to be based on new physical principles. Addressing the Federal Assembly, Putin explained how they came to be: in 2002 the US withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. ...

13/02/2019  -  EUROPE
Original: English
Translations available: Español  Français 
European Parliament disregards Court rulings and adopts fishing deal with Morocco including Western Sahara - Western Sahara Resource Watch
Notwithstanding four consecutive rulings of the EU's highest Court calling such a practice illegal, the European Parliament has just now voted in favour of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement that will be applied to the waters of occupied Western ...

12/02/2019  -  ABYA YALA
Original: Português/Galego
Translations available: Español  Italiano  English 
The New Cold War and Venezuela - Boaventura de Sousa Santos
The current situation in Venezuela is a tragedy in the making, and it will very likely cause the death of many innocent people. Venezuela is on the verge of foreign military intervention, and the ensuing bloodbath may take on dramatic proportions. ...

12/02/2019  -  EUROPE
Original: English
Translations available: Italiano 
Liberal elite still luring us towards the abyss - Jonathan Cook جونثان كوك
A group of 30 respected intellectuals, writers and historians has published a manifesto bewailing the imminent collapse of Europe and its supposed Enlightenment values of liberalism and rationalism. The idea of Europe, they warn, “is falling apart ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français  Español  Português/Galego 
The new intellectual - Tricontinental
Everywhere you look, there is the abyss. Intractable economic crises and deeply felt social and environmental problems grip the planet, which is itself in danger of climate catastrophes. Liberalism shudders before these problems, having surrendered to ...

Original: عربي
Translations available: Español  Français  English 
Dashra, the first Tunisian horror movie: popular beliefs in Hollywood style - Abdslem Herchi عبد السلام هرشي
As I write this, the film Dashra is still on screen in a large number of cinemas in the Republic, still enjoying very good audience figures and generating very respectable revenues. It also arouses the interest of many artists in Tunisia and is subject ...

11/02/2019  -  ABYA YALA
Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
What’s at stake in Venezuela?
On sovereignty and Latin America
- Greg Grandin
1. The concept of sovereignty may refer to the political control that a leader exercises over a society and territory, or the psychic control that an individual exercises over herself. 2. Sovereignty has a long history in political thought, not ...

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