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 Juan Kalvellido 
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Juan Kalvellido
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Juan Kalvellido

The translators of Tlaxcala have the immense luck of counting among them Juan Kalvellido, a cartoonist born from the working class (he specifies that he sunk in the working class) that has never stopped believing in revolution. This Andalusian born in Cadiz in 1968, during the student revolts, lives in Malaga, where he earns his bread and butter working in the hotel and catering business, an euphemism to say that during eight hours (or even more!) of every day, of everymonth, of every year... he serves giant hamburgers (whoppers, but over there they call themgüopers) while imaginining thousands of drawings, and then later... when he goes home, dedicatesthe rest of the day to making us and his family happy.

He has published many fanzines: Por amor al arte (7 issues lasting 5 years, until 1998),Kabezacapada (1995), Especial gr-aznar (1995), Vamos a reír (1996), Vamos a reír 2 (1997), Los zulos del estado (1997), Las kosas que nunca mueren (1998), Kolabora con la policía… ¡golpéate a ti mismo! (1999),  Entre la España y la pared (2002), A chankete le olía el aliento (2003). He has drawn CD covers for bands like 3 de Bastos (4 CD) and A Palo Seko (Pp Pinotxo). He illustrates poetry books: Orionby Pilar Quirosa (1989), Islas provisionales, by Pilar Quirosa (1995), Desertor de tu voz, by Alberto Aguirre (1999), A pesar de todo la cerveza no enmudece, by Julián Sánchez (2003), Figurando el paisaje, by Julián Sánchez (2005); children tales like El Kangrejito Valiente,by Patxi Irurzun (2004); novels like Atrapados en el tiempoby Patxi Irurzun (Literary creative Prix 2004). He publishes daily cartoons on www.insurgente.org and www.rebelion.org. He collaborates on a monthly basis on the journal Diagonal, on the magazine El viejo topo and on the humour magazine Karmadice.

Kalvellido is getting bald, is a loving father and, of course, let’s repeat it, he incredibly still believes in revolution.

URL: http://www.kalvellido.net/

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