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 A. G. Noorani ए जी नूरानी 
Author /   A. G. Noorani ए जी नूरानी
A. G. Noorani ए जी नूरानी
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A. G. Noorani ए जी नूरानी


Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed Noorani, known popularly as A.G. Noorani, (b. 1930 in Bombay) is an Indian lawyer, historian and author. He has practised as an advocate in the Supreme Court of India and in the Bombay High Court. He is one of the few remaining experts on the Constitution of India from his generation.

His columns have appeared in various publications, including Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Dawn, The Statesman, Frontline, Economic and Political Weekly and Dainik Bhaskar. He is the author of a number of books including: The Kashmir Question, Badruddin Tyabji Ministers' Misconduct, Brezhnev's Plan for Asian Security, The Presidential System, The Trial of Bhagat Singh, Constitutional Questions in India and The RSS and the BJP: A Division of Labour (LeftWord Books, 2000). He has also authored the biographies of Badruddin Tyabji and Dr Zakir Hussain.

Noorani considers himself a "secular Muslim". He has defended Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir during his long period of detention. He appeared in the Bombay High Court for former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi against the latter's main political rival J. Jayalalitha.


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