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USA & CANADA / If it is about the national interest of the United States, any crime can be justified
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 08/03/2021
Original: Si del interés nacional de Estados Unidos se trata, se justifican el crimen, el asesinato y la delincuencia organizada

If it is about the national interest of the United States, any crime can be justified

Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein


It was never my intention to give immediate continuity to the article from the previous week (National interest vs. ideology: what moves the world?), however the unusual number of messages received from readers on the one hand, and the verification through a relevant fact of the certainty of the analysis on the other, I have been forced to do so.

Emad Hajjaj



It is not about boastfulness or self-praise, rather I think that, without knowing it I anticipated a week to the best context to document, the idea if we stick to the statements of the White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki who has confirmed the hypothesis raised to through an official statement from the United States government regarding the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, a crime that according to a report made public by the United States intelligence services was perpetrated by the heir to the Saudi crown and de facto ruler of that country, Mohamed Bin Salman.

In an unusual revelation, during an interview with CNN spokesperson Psaki stated that: "Historically, [...] there were no sanctions imposed against the leaders of foreign governments where we have diplomatic relations and even where we do not have diplomatic relations."

Can anyone in their right mind believe such a lie? More than sanctions, one can even speak of crimes. During the Barack Obama administration, which both the current President Biden and Psaki herself were part of, it was produced by the instigation, capture and assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi by the United States government. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confessed it when she wasted smiles and said referring to such a crime: "We went, we saw and he died."

In the same way, Psaki's fallacy is mind-boggling when read in Venezuela, where the United States government put a price on the head of its constitutional president. It is known that Psaki is paid to deliver the official lies of the United States government, but in this case we would have to assume that he did so under the influence of drugs.

Continuing his deceitful tirade, Psaki added in the same interview that the United States believed that “… there are more effective means to ensure that this will not happen again” [the murder, dismemberment and disappearance of a person], which makes it clear that this practice in the world only depends on the will and decision of the United States government.

Finally, the "icing on the cake" was exposed when Psaki assured that it should "... make room for work with the Saudis in areas where there is mutual agreement, where there are national interests of the United States." Triple sic would say Alfredo Jalife-Rahme. In other words, the spokesperson has clearly announced to the world that only the national interests of the United States can justify crime, murder, and organized crime and that only the national interest of the United States can allow that others do so. This has been called by Psaki the way "diplomacy looks".  

Even the Washington Post, Joe Biden's great promoter, has expressed shock at the news. Fred Ryan, editor and executive president of the newspaper of the American capital in a work of his authorship, denounced last Monday that from the moment that Biden exempted Bin Salman of responsibility, he has given him his endorsement to continue assassinating in exchange for the support of the interests of the United States in Central Asia where Saudi Arabia plays a fundamental role. Ryan argued that it appears that "under the Biden Administration, despots who offer momentary strategic value to America can get 'a free assassination pass.'

In this way one can understand the endorsements of the United States to the drug trafficking governments of Honduras and Colombia. By the way, this March 1, the United States Department of State certified Colombia in the fight against drugs during 2020. This will allow Washington to continue giving Colombia a substantial amount of money that will be used to continue financing the false positives and the murder of social leaders and demobilized ex-combatants of the FARC in the path of perpetual war that Uribe has proposed as the future for Colombia.

In this way too, Colombia was authorized by the United States to produce "only" 450 tons of cocaine. Thus, Washington can justify the presence of its military bases in the country, the intervention in the region disguised as a fight against drug trafficking, Colombia's membership in NATO and the activity of the Fourth Fleet in the Caribbean, all in exchange for 450 tons of cocaine for the consumption of young Americans who will have to rot their bodies and sicken their souls in favor of the national interests of the United States.

At the global level, to the proposal of Russia and China to advance in negotiations that transmit a desire for peace and security to the planet, the United States has responded in the voice of Admiral Charles Richard, head of the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM), who In an article published in the journal Proceedings, of the Naval Institute of his country, a few days after the inauguration of the Biden government, he recommended that the United States change "its main assumption that 'nuclear use is not possible' to 'nuclear use is a very real possibility`, and act to confront and dissuade that reality ”. The senior military chief, responsible for the nuclear deterrence of the United States armed forces added that in conditions of absence of change "we are on the way, once again, of preparing for the conflict that we prefer, instead of the one that we will probably face." .

Joe Biden quickly and perfectly understood the message that the armed forces sent him, ordering a bombing of Syria in order to tell his military and the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) that he was no less than Obama and Trump when defending the United States. America's national interests were involved. Of course, the national interest of the United States is strongly intertwined with the particular interest of the MIC. In fact, the boundary between the two is so diffuse that it is not known where it passes.

In this way, more quickly than previously thought, the foreign policy turnaround announced by Biden, was left alone in intention. Those who praised the new president and the Democratic Party will have to understand once and for all that there is no good imperialism.

Courtesy of Ultimas Noticias
Publication date of original article: 06/03/2021
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