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UNIVERSAL ISSUES / Petition asking the Spanish government to assume its State responsibility by denouncing the 1975 Madrid Agreement on Western Sahara and acting accordingly
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 12/06/2020
Original: Petición al gobierno español que asuma las responsabilidades de Estado, denunciando la ilegalidad de los Acuerdos de Madrid (1975) sobre Sahara occidental y actuando en consecuencia
Translations available: عربي  Français 

Petition asking the Spanish government to assume its State responsibility by denouncing the 1975 Madrid Agreement on Western Sahara and acting accordingly




We, citizens, members of civil society, through the Human Rights Association of Spain, as well as, organizations, personalities, intellectuals, and professionals who adhere to this document, state the following:

Mr President,

115 km from the Canary Islands, a humanitarian disaster has been persisting since the Moroccan military invasion (30/10/1975) and the signature of the “Madrid Agreement” (14/11/1975), leaving thousands dead, and hundreds missing, tortured and imprisoned.

Spain, in 1975, failed in its responsibilities with the UN and with the Saharawi people, deliberately violating the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

Thirty-five years later, there is not a single member state of the international community that recognize the legitimacy of Non-Autonomous Territory of Western Sahara as a Moroccan territory. On the contrary, a high number of States, has recognized the State of SADR and has established official diplomatic relations with the government, represented by the Frente Polisario.

Today, the Saharawi population provides a lesson in dignity, patience, courage, and sacrifice, showing that everything has a limit, and that the infamous “Madrid Agreement” was only an illegal instrument. While no complaint has been filed, this has resulted into a state of destabilizing the entire region, where arbitrary detention, torture, abductions, disappearances and murders have been and are the sad legacy of the performance of the signing of such agreements.

For all the mentioned above, the Government of Spain must demonstrate the legality of the “Madrid Agreement”, as well as, the Decree RD2258/76, and otherwise, in the name of justice and legality, we demand the following, of this government and political parties that make up the parliamentary spectrum:

I adhere to the open letter addressed to the President of the Government of Spain, Mr Sánchez, in the cause of Justice and because it is a right of the Saharawi people, demanding:

A)    The denunciation of the “Madrid Agreement”, as well as the Decree RD2258/76
(August 10, 1976) through an emergency procedure.

B) The immediate restitution of Spanish citizenship to all Saharawi included in the 1974 census along with their descendants, and likewise, those who can demonstrate relevant documentation to show their right to maintain or obtain Spanish citizenship.

C) The urgent implementation of relevant actions to hand over responsibilities to the United Nations as acquired by Spain in 1962 as the administering Power, and, as in the case of East Timor, Western Sahara is under the “Transitional Administration of United Nations for Western Sahara”, to protect the lives of its inhabitants, its natural resources and its advocacy, as a Non-Autonomous Territory in a process of decolonization through a self-determination referendum.

We thank you for the support you will be able to give to such a cause. Please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of our highest consideration.

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Courtesy of Association for Human Rights in Spain
Publication date of original article: 01/06/2020
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