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ABYA YALA / Colombia and its endless list of murdered social leaders
On the eve of Ivan Duque's visit to the United Kingdom
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 16/06/2019
Original: Colombia y su lista interminable de líderes sociales asesinados
En vísperas de la visita de Iván Duque al Reino Unido

Colombia and its endless list of murdered social leaders
On the eve of Ivan Duque's visit to the United Kingdom

Oto Higuita

Translated by  Fausto Giudice Фаусто Джудиче فاوستو جيوديشي


In London, a large group of Colombian citizens are preparing a reception for President Ivan Duque, who will be visiting the United Kingdom from June 17-19 on a business plan.

They have written on white sheets an endless list of hundreds of social leaders murdered over the past three years.

They will protest the visit of the president, who will be accompanied by a business plan entourage with British multinationals that invest on average more than one billion dollars annually in Colombia.

Not one more dead!

Duque will be received by dozens of protesting Colombians, who express their solidarity with the hundreds of victims of a systematic extermination that seems to have no end.

In spite of the differences in the numbers of the murdered leaders, there is no denying the increase in the humanitarian tragedy, which has already surpassed 700 cases since the signing of the peace accords between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC guerrilla on November 26, 2016.

According to Indepaz, "since the signing of the peace agreement between the National Government and the FARC - EP to date, 726 social leaders and human rights defenders have been assassinated in Colombia”.

As such, the country is gradually returning to a past where thousands of political movement activists, human rights defenders, trade unionists, teachers, students, indigenous people and Afro-Colombians were assassinated with impunity, demonstrating that the war that the peace agreement was intended to overcome with social justice has not been possible despite the immense effort of more than five years of dialogue and the scant implementation of the agreements.

Ivan Duque's visit to the United Kingdom comes amid the failure to comply with the peace accords and his lack of will as head of state to stop the systematic extermination of social leaders; hence the fact that selling natural resources to large multinationals is the only thing he can offer big capital.

About the millions of Colombians who live outside the country as if they were department number 33, forced by poverty or persecuted by the repressive and criminal policy of the State, and who contribute substantially to the national economy with the remittance of foreign currency, there is no hope of a dignified return but the official silence.

The United Kingdom is visited by an inexperienced president elected by an alliance of right-wing warmongers, in a society in the midst of a humanitarian tragedy that spreads like an immense red stain, caused by the negligence in the implementation of the peace accords, and his aggressive and improvised policy of international relations, determined to mark out a perverse alliance at the service of the United States to attack a sister nation  such as Venezuela.

With only 10 months in power, the government of Ivan Duque stands out as one of the most nefarious in the recent history of Colombia, and it is not strange, since the forces that elected him sought, among other things, to continue governing in someone else's body.

But in his visit to London, there will be no lack of those who will raise the flags of dignity, solidarity, defence of natural resources and the right to life.   


Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 16/06/2019
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