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EDITORIALS & OP-EDS / We are not fooled
Over 20,000 artist and creators sign a call in support of Yellow Vests in France
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 10/05/2019
Original: Nous ne sommes pas dupes
L’appel des artistes, créateurs et créatrices

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We are not fooled
Over 20,000 artist and creators sign a call in support of Yellow Vests in France

Collectif Yellow Submarine

Translated by  Fausto Giudice Фаусто Джудиче فاوستو جيوديشي


On May 10, over 20,000 artists and creators had already signed this call, launched on May 4 

For several months now, the Yellow Vest movement, unprecedented in the history of the Fifth Republic, has been beating the pavement of our streets.

A citizens' movement, born spontaneously, that does not belong to any political party.

A movement that mobilizes tens of thousands of French people every Saturday for more than 6 months, and which is supported by millions of others.

A movement that demands essential things: a more direct democracy, greater social and fiscal justice, radical measures in the face of the state of ecological emergency.

What they ask, they ask for everyone. The Yellow Vests, it’s us. We artists, technicians, authors, of all these cultural professions, precarious or not, are absolutely concerned by this historical mobilization.

And we proclaim it here: we are not fooled.

We see trough the delusive tricks used to discredit the Yellow Vests, described as anti-ecologists, extremists, racists, thugs... We don’t fall for it, this narrative does not fit with reality even if the mainstream media and government spokespersons would like us to believe it.

Like the violence they emphasise every Saturday.

Yet the most alarming violence is not there.

The toll of repression is getting worse every week. As of April 19, 2019, there were 1 death, 248 head injuries, 23 enucleations, 5 hands torn off among the demonstrators. It is unworthy of our republic.

And we are not the first to denounce it: Amnesty International, the League for Human Rights, the UN, the European Union, the French Rights Defender, all of them condemn the police violence against the Yellow Vests in France.

The number of injuries, broken lives, arrests and convictions is beyond understanding. How can we still exercise our right to demonstrate in front of such repression? There is no justification for setting up a so-called "anti-breakers/smashers/vandals" legislative arsenal that violates our fundamental freedoms.

We are not fooled. The most threatening violence is economic and social. It is the one of this government that defends the interests of a few to the detriment of all. It is the violence that marks the bodies and minds of those who wear out at work to survive.

Then we must - this is a historic emergency - collectively confront the ecological crisis and find just and effective solutions, in order to leave a liveable world for our children.  We are not fooled. This government has consistently backed down on this issue so as not to worry those responsible for the announced disaster. The Yellow Vests denounce it as well as the environmental activists do. Today, the convergence of social and environmental struggles is underway.

We will continue to get angry, stronger, more often, more together.

And today, we are calling for a new history to be written.

We writers, musicians, directors, publishers, sculptors, photographers, sound and image technicians, scriptwriters, choreographers, designers, painters, circus artists, actors, rice producers, dancers, creators of all kinds, are outraged  by the repression, manipulation and irresponsibility of this government at such a pivotal moment in our history.

Let us use our power, that of words, speech, music, image, thought, art, to invent a new narrative and support those who have been struggling in the streets and at roundabouts for months.

Nothing is written. Let's draw a better world.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.

John Lennon

Yellow Submarine Collective

To join or contact us:


►Sign the petition

First signatories

  1.     Jeanne BALIBAR / actress and director
  2.     Bruno GACCIO / author
  3.     Anne-Laure GRUET / director actress
  4.     Juliette BINOCHE / actress
  5.     Denis ROBERT / writer, director
  6.     Gilles PERRET / director
  7.     Yvan LE BOLLOC'H / singer, actor
  8.     Simon ABKARIAN / actor, author, director
  9.     Frank MARGERIN / comic book author
  10.     Emmanuelle BÉART / actress
  11.     Robert GUÉDIGUIAN / filmmaker
  12.     Anouk GRINBERG / actress
  13.     Alexandre GAVRAS / producer, author
  14.     China MOSES / musician
  15.     Sam KARMANN / actor, director
  16.     Jean-Claude PETIT / composer, conductor
  17.     Swann ARLAUD / actor
  18.     Alain DAMASIO / writer
  19.     Jean-Luc MOREAU / director
  20.     Fanny COTTENÇON / actress
  21.     Ariane ASCARIDE / actress
  22.     Annie ERNAUX / writer
  23.     Marion MONTAIGNE / comic book author
  24.     Anne ALVARO / actress
  25. Ludovic BOURCE / composer
  26.     Stéphane BRIZÉ / Director
  27.     Christophe RUGGIA / filmmaker
  28.     Alain GUIRAUDIE / filmmaker
  29.     Michel BARTHELEMY / Head Decorator
  30.     Alice DIOP / filmmaker
  31.     Serge QUADRUPPANI / writer, translator
  32.     Éric DEMARSAN / composer
  33.     Emile BRAVO / comic book author
  34.     Xavier DURRINGER / author-director
  35.     Elli MEDEIROS / artist
  36.     Julie BERTUCCELLLI / filmmaker
  37.     Stanislas NORDEY / director and actor
  38.     Florent MASSOT / publisher
  39.     Katell QUILLÉVÉRÉ / Director
  40.     Luis REGO / actor
  41.     Vincent CESPEDES / philosopher, composer
  42.     Julien SERI / director
  43.     Justine TRIET / Director
  44.     Jean-François LEPETIT / producer
  45.     Christine BOISSON / actress
  46.     Niko KANTES (Sporto Kantes) / musician
  47.     Benjamin SPORTES / musician
  48.     Liliane ROVERE / actress
  49.     Edouard LOUIS / writer
  50.     Solweig VON KLEIST / artist, animated film director
  51.     Frédéric CHAUDIER / Director
  52.     Martin MEISSONNIER / musician, director
  53.     Rémi CHAYE / animated film director
  54.     Mariana OTERO / Director
  55.     Eva DARLAN / actress
  56.     Géraldine SROUSSI / Director and Producer, Olam Productions
  57.     Pierre SCHOELLER / filmmaker
  58.     Xavier MUSSEL / actor, author, director
  59.     Olivier RABOURDIN / actor
  60.     Stéphane GOUDET / Artistic Director of Méliès de Montreuil
  61.     Tom DARNAL / musician
  62.     Enzo CORMANN / writer
  63.     Arnaud des PALLIÈRES / filmmaker
  64.     Laurence CÔTE / actress
  65.     Aline PAILLER / radio producer
  66.     Marc HERPOUX / scriptwriter
  67.     Jean PIERRE DURET / sound engineer, documentary director
  68.     Simone BITTON / filmmaker
  69.     Thierry de PERETTI / filmmaker
  70.     Marina TOME / actress, author, director
  71.     Chick ORTEGA / actor
  72.     Marianne SERGENT / actress, author
  73.     Dalila DALLÉAS BOUZAR / plastic artist
  74.     Nathalie MANN / actress
  75.     Guillaume BRAC / filmmaker
  76.     Chantal STEINBERG / Lussas Documentary School
  77.     Marie-Claude TREILHOU / filmmaker
  78.     Jacques SERRES / actor, author
  79.     Nicolas DEVEAUX / Director
  80.     Pascal TESSAUD / filmmaker
  81.     Claire CHILDERIC / filmmaker
  82.     Roland GORI / author
  83.     Pierre BECU / director
  84.     Nicolas BABY / musician
  85.     Nicolas KLOTZ / filmmaker
  86.     Laurent BOUHNIK / Director
  87.     Bernard BLANCAN / actor and director
  88.     Pierre PRADINAS / director
  89.     Michel BROUÉ / mathematician
  90.     Juan ROZOFF / musician
  91.     ELDIABLO / writer, author
  92.     Robin CAMPILO / filmmaker
  93.     Pierre-Louis CASSOU / producer
  94.     ARK / musician
  95.     Brigitte ROÜAN / actress, filmmaker
  96.     Gérard MORDILLAT / novelist, filmmaker
  97.     Marie FABRE / actress
  98.     Jean-Louis COMOLLI / filmmaker, writer
  99.     Sacha MAMBO / musician
  100.     Jean Pierre THORN / filmmaker
  101.     David HERMON aka COSMIC NEMAN / musician Zombie Zombie
  102.     Claudine BORIES / filmmaker
  103.     Geoffroy LAGASNERIE / philosopher sociologist author
  104.     Yves AGOSTINI / cameraman
  105.     Jacques BONNAFFÉ / actor
  106.     Jean ANNESTAY / publisher, writer
  107.     Marion MAZAURIC / Publisher


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Publication date of original article: 04/05/2019
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