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EUROPE / For a European Union that respects human rights
Open letter to MEPs on Western Sahara
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 15/01/2019
Original: Por una Unión Europea que respete los derechos humanos
Carta abierta a l@s eurodiputad@s sobre el Sahara occidental

Translations available: Français 

For a European Union that respects human rights
Open letter to MEPs on Western Sahara

Various Authors - Autores varios - Auteurs divers- AAVV-d.a.


Dear Member of the European Parliament,

Next Wednesday you will be asked to vote on the proposal for a commercial agreement between the EU and Morocco.

We, as representatives of the movement of solidarity with the Saharawi people, would like to share with you the attached letter denouncing the plundering by Morocco of the natural resources of the Saharawi people. We ask you to reject the proposed commercial and fisheries agreements between the EU and Morocco, a country that does not respect Human Rights in Western Sahara.

We are writing to you on behalf of the Spanish Coordination of Solidarity Associations with Western Sahara (CEAS Sahara), of the Federation of Spanish Institutions that are in Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (FEDISSAH), of the Spanish Parliamentary Intergroups "Peace for the Sahrawi people" -which are present in the Congress of the Deputies, in the Senate and in all the Autonomous Communities-, and of the International Association of Jurists for Western Sahara, which all together represent hundreds of associations and local institutions, and on behalf of thousands and thousands of people, with dignity, decisiveness and conscience, that do not wish to be a part of a European Union that does not faithfully respect human rights in its economic and political relations with third countries.

As you are aware, Western Sahara, former colony and province of Spain, is currently a Non-Self-Governing Territory under the foreign military occupation of Morocco. The territory, furthermore, divided by more than 2,700 kilometers long military wall of, surrounded by anti-personnel mines that shield the occupation, divide families, and "protect" the plundering of the territory's abundant natural resources: fishing, phosphates, sand, etc.

As you also are aware, and despite the successive pronouncements of the Court of Justice of the EU, the European Commission and Morocco agreed on a proposal for a fisheries agreement on 20th July 2018, that includes the waters of Western Sahara, thus violating of its own Court of Justice[1]. In the judgments of the CJEU, from December 2016, and February and July 2018, it is established that Morocco and Western Sahara are different and separate territories, by virtue of the UN Charter and the principle of self-determination of peoples and the Court clarifies that the substantive issue is not to determine whether a possible economic activity would be favorable or not to the Sahrawi population, but only to know whether the representative of the Sahrawi people, the Polisario Front, has given their consent, in application of Resolution 34/37 General Assembly of the United Nations.

In the coming months, the European Parliament must ratify the proposed agreement for its application, which is why we are writing you to implore your active commitment to peace, justice and respect for human rights.

In particular, we want to convey to you a firm request that the EU respect the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and their permanent sovereignty over the wealth and natural resources of Western Sahara, in accordance with international law, and in particular, according to the recent judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU.

The Polisario Front, as sole legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people as ratified by the General Assembly of the United Nations, has shown its willingness to negotiate with the EU everything that concerns the natural resources of Western Sahara, always respecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Sahrawi people.

We understand that ratifying the proposal of the agreement of 20th July 2018 between the EU and Morocco is an act lacking the ethics that should accompany the actions of those who represent us in Europe and it is also an unlawful act, for which each parliamentarian is personally responsible if he/she vote in favor of it. In this framework, for our part, we will make all efforts and enable all possible measures, including legal ones, to denounce the acts or omissions of any European parliamentarian who contributes to the plundering, exploitation, destruction and/or depletion of the natural resources and wealth of Western Sahara, including their lands and adjacent waters, or endangers their survival.

AN OTHER EUROPE IS POSSIBLE, centered on people’s human rights, and not on spurious economic interests that make us spectators of the illegal plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara.

January 2019


[1]JUDGEMENTS OF THE COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE UE on 21ST December 2016. Subject: C-104/16 P   

JUDGEMENTS OF THE COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE UE on 27thFebruary 2018. Subject: C266/16

ORDONNANCE DU TRIBUNAL (cinquième chambre élargie) 19 juillet 2018


Courtesy of CEAS-Sáhara/Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 14/01/2019
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