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UNIVERSAL ISSUES / Who does not struggle and fight, has already lost the battle!
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 09/01/2019
Original: Wer nicht kämpft und sich nicht wehrt, hat schon verloren!

Who does not struggle and fight, has already lost the battle!

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Let me draw my sobering stock at the turn of the year. Unfortunately I have to say that all my worst fears and forecasts have become true as I wrote 2012 in my book entitled Das elfte Gebot Israel darf alles. Could there still be an increase between 2012 and 2018? In fact, there was and there is one. This possible in a year that made such bombastic and unbearable commemorations like the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the "Jewish State", based on the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland Palestine. For this reason, we as Germans should perceive a special need to work for these people displaced by the Nakba. After all, we as Germans know what dictatorship, oppression, walls and occupation mean. 2018 in particular was a terrible year, as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) describes the unbelievably bad situation in the Palestinian territories.

In 2018, there were a record number of Palestinian fatalities (murders!) and injuries. About 295 Palestinians were murdered and more than 29,000 were injured by the so-called "most moral" of all "defence soldiers". That's the highest (!) number of fatalities in one year, the year 2018, since the existence of the Gaza blockade and the OCHA documentation that began in 2005. More than 60 percent of the fatalities (martyrs!), 180 Palestinians and about 79 percent of the injured - that's more than 23,000 victims - result from the protests against the illegal closure of the Gaza Strip during the so-called "Great March of Return". These people only claim their legal right of resistance, which puts them into the mortal danger because in the end they will be shot death by the Zionist occupiers.

Increase of power of the right-wing alliance

Since beginning of the Netanyahu regime, the attacks by Judaic settlers have also increased, bolstered by massive government support. Eventually, these settlers will vote for him again in the upcoming new elections. Through new party foundations such as the "New Right" of "Education SettlersMinister" Bennett and Justice Minister Schaked the right-wing alliance is getting more and more powerful. Netanyahus clever trick of lowering the 3.25 percent hurdle, makes it easier for smaller right-wing parties to enter parliament. Likewise, this way he wants to get rid of corruption processes and to forget peaceforever by establishing Jerusalem as the "eternally" undivided capital of a "Jewish State". Thanks to the decomposition of a functioning left, these goals seem ever closer in the land of flourishing racism. So the chosen peoplewill get their desired self-chosen regime. Migration only for Jews, while Palestinians and asylum seekers, who are mainly black, are demonized as criminal invaders and infiltrants.

While Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sara are pampered on the beach in Rio and their dirty laundry is washed and after the election comes out of the political washing machine as clean as desired, and therefore the filth of process dangers and prosecutions moves into ever more distant, everything seems to be better than ever for the couple Netanyahu.

Again and again the Netanyahu regime, under reference to the "security for the Jewish people", continues the illegal occupation and the land, sea and air blockade, treating the Palestinians as hostages and prisoners in their own country by forbidding them to travel abroad. In 2018, 35 percent less exit permits were issued than in the restrictive year 2017. The Zionist occupation regime leading the Gaza concentration camp ever more brutally, and promoting the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, in a brutality that should finally shake us up, reminds us of Nazi methods.

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