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IMAGE AND SOUND / Trump, Veselnitskaya, Browder, Magnitsky Act: Red Card, part one: Game with no rules
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 19/01/2018
Original: Фильм-расследование “Красная карточка”, часть первая: “Игра без прави”

Trump, Veselnitskaya, Browder, Magnitsky Act: Red Card, part one: Game with no rules



The first part of the documentary “Red Card” was named “Game with no rules” not coincidentally as everything in this world is subject to certain laws. However these laws are just idle words for some personalities and even counties. The lies in the court and in the media benefit Russophobes who are tearing law, justice and logics into pieces. Moreover  it is clear from the documentary-investigation that Russia was mocked with money that was stolen from it. The western cynicism once again hit the bottom.

Once our “western partners” had trusted the international fraudster named William Browder and passed the so-called “Magnitsky Act”. And the first sanctions against Russia were imposed right in accordance with it. It happened before Crimea and Donbass, before the Ukrainian Maidan.

«When you bring something like Browder, something you have no idea about, but that fits well with your political doctrine - you gladly accept it. I'm talking about the US establishment,» says director Andrei Nekrasov, the author of the film exposing Browder. The West did not take the film and forbade it, but the director remained unheeded ...

More new lies are put into the scandal initiated by Browder. The Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who had met the son of the future US president Donald Trump Jr. became the “Kremlin’s agent” in the USA. She became the “evil” that interfered with the victory of Hillary Clinton during the elections. She was blamed for demolishing of the “American democracy”.

«I can’t imagine how such a powerful huge country wwith a budget that is several to several tens or hundreds of times higher than the budget of the Russian Federation, can be seriously overturned by an absolutely ridiculous story about some lawyer with some incriminating information coming to the candidate’s son,» Natalia Veselnitskaya is puzzled.

From our film you will learn how the legendary, incorruptible, objective Western media defamed the lawyer Veselnitskaya and persecuted the director Nekrasov.

"You can politicize quickly, right? And you need to investigate for a long time, stubbornly and free from prejudice. So I investigated, made a film - it's not shown in the west! Why are you afraid of something ?! I do not politicize anything, I do not say that the West is bad. I say that Browder is lying, " are the words of Andrei Nekrasov addressed to journalists and the public in Europe and the United States.

The film "Red Card" is an investigation into the grandiose scam initiated by William Browder. The scam was ordered and supported by officials of the State Department and Europe, and the "most democratic media" spread this lie all over the world.

The creative group News Front made this film in order to expose and remove from the information field dishonest players who play a particularly sophisticated game, such as Bill Browder and his US friends. This is part one of the film: "A game without rules".

To be continued…

Courtesy of News-Front
Publication date of original article: 16/01/2018
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