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UMMA / We urgently need a polylogue about “Islamic” terrorism
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 02/01/2018
Original: Ci vuole un polilogo sul terrorismo "islamico"
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We urgently need a polylogue about “Islamic” terrorism

Milena Rampoldi ميلينا رامبولدي میلنا رامپلدی Милена Рампольди


The narrative on “Islamic” or “Islamist” terrorism must urgently transform itself into a polylogue, involving all actors on the ground. In particular, we the Muslims should communicate to the world what “Islamic” terrorism means to us, not just taking distance from it, without defining it… and always repeating “This is not me….”

Terrorism shall not just be seen as an ideological phenomenon, but also as a phenomenon expressing the sociological and nihilistic base on which it was born, it develops and changes itself. First of all, the discourse about terrorism must be a polylogue, including terroristic phenomena even if they are not defined as such. And in this context, the so called “Islamic” terrorism is a phenomenon of anti-terrorism, frustration, anger, violent and blind reaction against other terroristic phenomena in the broad sense like colonialism, neo-imperialism, capitalist militarism, and Zionism.



Distortion of Islam, by Ossama Hajjaj

The polylogue about terrorism constitutes an ideal scientific paradigm to start to understand the connection between terrorism, violence, justification of violence, and nihilism, which have nothing to do with the ideological core of the world’s religions. Like the Buddhist terrorism of the State of Myanmar has nothing to do with Buddha and his message, or the Chinese colonialism in Tibet and Uyghuristan with the doctrine of Confucius, the violent Zionism of the State of Israel does not have any connection with the ethical message of Judaism and Moses’ tables of the Law, so Islam and terrorism have nothing in common, even if terrorists in their acts establish a connection with Allah and really think to be part of Islam and to be good Muslims.  

Terrorism means the intention to eliminate the Other and to murder the civilians of another group. And sometimes, this murderous intention is even oriented to her/his own religious community, as we have recently seen in the terrorist attack in Kabul against the Shiite study centre (should we call this Sunni terrorism?). Terrorism is a blind kind of struggle against imperialism, based on the manipulation of the Quranic Jihad, which is put at disposal of imperialists.

For me, terrorism is like a small dragon, burning its tail. However, it is encouraged by a bigger, imperialist dragon providing it with weapons; however, the small dragon believes that it is fighting for Allah and the Quran, and does not see this big dragon, even if the latter throws big shadows on it. So, in the end, the small dragon burns his own small tail.  

In my opinion, “Islamic” terrorism is to be seen as murderous and suicidal nihilism, threatening the whole world: imperialists see the chance to promote Islamophobia by putting Islam and terrorism on one and the same level; the armour merchants transform the virtual capital of the stock market into a “tangible” capital of weapons and into the mines the children in the remote villages in Afghanistan trip over; some Muslim think that terrorism is the best option of anti-imperialist struggle and do not know that all those who praise them just kill God and shoot into the “Nothing”. And for Zionism, Islamic terrorism is the ideal way to justify the eternal Gaza blockade and the colonialism to build up Eretz Israel. Israel needs the anti-Semite “Muslim” dragon, devouring the colonial state of Israel… since only this way the Jewish State can eternally call for new settlers and cry for news weapons “not to be thrown into the sea”.

Perhaps the confusion I have in my mind when I am asked to talk about “Islamic terrorism” seems strange to you. However, without a polylogue starting from a couple of basic points like these ones, we will never get out of this “Islamic terrorism” to struggle for justice and the values of tolerance and just peace. 


Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 01/01/2018
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