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EDITORIALS & OP-EDS / 10 pieces of advice for the 45th US president
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 17/11/2016
Original: 10 conseils au 45ème président des USA
Translations available: Deutsch  Español  Italiano  فارسی 

10 pieces of advice for the 45th US president

Fausto Giudice Фаусто Джудиче فاوستو جيوديشي

Translated by  Jenny Bright


It's 7:45 am in universal time, Wednesday, November 9, 2016: Donald Trump has just been elected 45 th President of the USA by over 270 electoral votes. "Filled with humility", his sidekick Mike Pence thanked Donald, God, his wife, his daughters, and the "American people". He will "make America great again".

Making a Hollywood entrance with peplum movie music in the background, in New York's Hilton Hotel, No. 45 first rendered homage to the loser Hillary (who could say We came, we saw, he won). Then he said he will become the president of "all the Americans". He then asked voters and citizens for "their advice, their help." "The State will be at the service of the American people". He introduced himself as "Mr. Human Resources", "We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our  infrastructure which will become, by the way, second to none, and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it, we will also finally take care of our great veterans who have been so loyal" by "using the talent of each of us". "We will double our rate of growth" to make our economy the first in the world. "We are going to have excellent relations with other countries". We will be "big, bold", cooperate with all countries, while "preserving American interests". He then thanked his parents, his sisters, his brother, in short all of his "extraordinary family", Melania, Dawn, Ivanka, Derek, Barron, his "small electoral staff", Rudi Giuliani, his buddy the former New York governor, some politicians, the 200 generals and admirals who supported him, a "star" (who I did not recognise), the Republican National Committee, the members of the secret services ("they are strong, smart and they know what they're doing"), the "spectacular" New York cops. Etc. Hugs, fine music, an avalanche of selfies. 

Taking him at his word, here are some pieces of advice that his constituents would like to give the new boss:

  1. Withdrawal of all troops and closure of all US military bases located outside of Yankee territory, starting with Guantanamo;
  2. Dissolution of NATO;
  3. Lifting of the blockade of Cuba;
  4. Taxation of goods manufactured by US companies in Mexico, China and elsewhere and tax incentives for these companies to repatriate production to the USA;
  5. Signature by the USA of the Kyoto Protocol and adherence of the USA to the International Criminal Court;
  6. Opening of a federal investigation into Hilary Clinton's crimes;
  7. Cancellation of the US-Israel military aid agreement for the next 10 years;
  8. Suspension of military aid and arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other despotic regimes;
  9. Recognition of the State of Palestine...
  10. ...and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

One can always dream.


Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 09/11/2016
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