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EDITORIALS & OP-EDS / In our own name
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 24/11/2015
Original: En nuestro nombre
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In our own name



The tragic recent events and the emotional storm they generated prompt us to issue the following clarification:

1-Tlaxcala is neither an army, nor a party, nor a sect which presumes to hold the truth.

2-We are, more modestly, a network of freely associated individuals to help shed light on world events through the publication and translation of documents that we deem interesting.

3-The publication and translation of a document does not necessarily imply that we are 100% in agreement with this document.

4-We believe that readers are able to themselves form an opinion from the pieces of information and analysis we provide.

5-There are among us all kinds of people, with various itineraries and sensitivities. But we agree on the essential: no more than that declared by George W. Bush in September 2001, will the "war on terror" declared by François Hollande in November 2015 make terrorism disappear; all these retaliation wars only serve to encourage and spread this type of violence. They mostly serve to the interests of arms industry. The victims of this terrorism are mainly citizens of the Southern part of the planet, and are mainly Muslims. Only 3% of victims of terrorism since 2001 have been Westerners.

6-Today terrorism has two main sources: firstly it is subjectively expressing a "logical revolt", born of the rage of human groups violated in their dignity, on the other hand it is subject to manipulation by all groups in power, starting with the secret services obeying orders.

7-The first casualty of any war is truth. Our job is to modestly contribute to the rescue of this truth, appealing to the facts, common sense and the ability to think of any person with Internet access.

8-Tlaxcala is open to any individuals of goodwill with the language skills, the time and the readiness to participate in our common adventure, without any material interest.

Tlaxcala's Editorial Board


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Publication date of original article: 23/11/2015
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